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Though most authorities agree that Tibetan rug-producing has a lengthy history, there is no way to verify specifically how long that history was. As New York and New Jersey’s premier beneficial rug cleaner, revitaRUGS is the only spot you can trust to clean all types of rugs. Ultimately he gave up his practice as a clinical psychologist to concentrate on making rugs. But in the end, natural dyeing barely managed to survive, kept alive by just a single or two Americans (which includes Stephanie Odegard) and a couple of Tibetan refugees. A superior handmade Tibetan rug can often be produced to order, starting with hand spun Tibetan wool.

The wool is mainly from New Zealand (superb high quality) and normally blended with a tiny of Tibetan wool. They had been in marked contrast to the uncomplicated, open-field Tibetan rugs that have been created for the German industry. In 1998 she was commissioned to produce eight carpets for the new paintings galleries at the J. Paul Getty Museum in Southern California, and The Art Institute of Chicago licensed her to create an entire line of rugs based on its collection of seventeenth-century textile fragments.

Some elements of the rug producing have been supplanted by cheaper machines in recent instances, especially yarn spinning and trimming of the pile just after weaving. In spite of the tribal folklore claiming Tibetan refugees weave majority of these rugs most are made in factories by Nepali workers. Some of the Tiger rugs have a standard pattern representing the stripes of a tiger, when other individuals mimic actual tiger pelts which includes facial functions.

Fading can be prevented by periodically rotating the rug so that the sun is not often shining on a single area of the rug. In the light of what occurred in the Sariska Tiger Reserve in Rajasthan, this is not surprising. For some years, a little quantity of Westerners produced rugs in Nepal with all-natural dyes and imported them into Germany and America. In Nepal, no carpet market had existed ahead of the Tibetan refugees produced one.

Still in production right now, they draw on a lot of prototypes, including contemporary art, Arts and Crafts style, European textile style, traditional Tibetan motifs, and other individuals. Dark red Turkish imitations from factories in Qinghai are sold alongside other Chinese rugs and even silk carpets with Middle-eastern styles. Other preferred Tibetan area rugs function natural elements, such as flower motifs — particularly lotus flowers, dragons, phoenix, clouds, and medallions.

I am the owner of and principal designer at Fiorito Interior Design and style, a complete service residential interior design firm serving San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, and Monterey counties of Northern California. In addition to these representations, lots of Tibetan rug designs also feature geometrical patterns. Ms. Odegard may perhaps be the only individual who has continued to use all-natural dyes in numerous of her Tibetan rugs just after the Germans’ powerful entry into the marketplace in 1987.

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