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Renovations tend to start with the intentions of doing a little, then it ends up leading to a lot. Whether it’s by choice or you run into an unanticipated situation underground or behind the walls, the costs for renovations can increase. Before you know it, you’ve spent more than you wanted to, and you’re still not happy.

If the home is where the heart is, it doesn’t hurt to have a fabulous kitchen that’s enjoyable to cook in or a bathroom that makes you never want to leave for work in the morning. Improvement projects in those rooms ranked high for homeowners across the country in the 2018 Homeowner Happiness Index.

Just because your remodeling budget is small, that doesn’t mean you have to give up your big remodeling ideas. You can still have the perfect new kitchen, bathroom, or basement. You just have to choose your options carefully. Older homes in Hawaii are full of memories and history, but they have unique needs when it comes to repairs and maintenance.

Home improvement trends

Homeowners often make improvements to their homes out of need, such as the need for more space. Aside from the typical kitchen or bath upgrades, more homeowners are expanding their home’s living areas to accommodate other family members moving in. Many people are working remotely now, so an extra space for an office is becoming common.

If you don’t have a yard or extra square footage to expand into or can’t add a second story, you may be able to repurpose your existing footprint. Other ways to economize space include custom built-ins, closet organizers or Murphy beds to transform a home office into a dual-use guest room. The trick is finding hardly used space and making it functional while adding value.

Budget-friendly tips

Instead of breaking the bank when renovating and repairing, there are quite a few tips that can save you a few bucks.  Adding a fresh coat of paint to your kitchen cabinets is an easy way to update your kitchen.  Also, switching out the cabinetry hardware adds an extra pop.  White will remain one of the most popular choices for the color of kitchen cabinets because of its clean, timeless look and its ability to lighten up and make spaces seem bigger. Try new hardware styles such as bronze or matte black knobs or pulls with a brushed finish.

Instead of replacing appliances, consider repairing them instead. Appliance repair services in Honolulu specializes in commercial and residential repairs of all major brands.

Accent walls have become very trendy and popular in the home renovation process.  Painting an accent wall or adding a bold wallpaper can really transform a space.  Adding or removing light fixtures is another way to transform a room.

Area rugs can instantly warm up a room, as can a few new window treatments.  Small updates like these can help update a space and give it a fresh new look.

Regretful renovations

From the smallest update to the largest renovation, it pays to choose the highest quality. It’s easy to end up with mediocre or regretful results when you accept the lowest contractor bid or go the DIY route. In the world of poor-quality construction, many have heard nightmare stories of contractors who demanded extra money to finish the job, used substandard or dangerous materials, or just stopped showing up all together.


Below are just a few home improvements a homeowner may regret:

  • Converting a bedroom into a closet.
  • Installing a swimming pool.
  • Choosing an unconventional color for the exterior.
  • Extensive bathroom remodel.

Why is the Rent Increasing?


There are few things tenants dread more than a notice posted to their door telling them that the rent will be going up. In March 2018, USA Today reported that rent increases had slowed a bit in the first quarter of 2018, which is good but not great news for tenants. For some renters, though, even another $50 a month can make a big different in their quality of life. As a landlord, you know that you rarely raise rents just because you feel like it, but some reasons tend to go over better than others. Here are three common reasons for raising the asking price of your property.

Property Upgrades

This is arguably the best reason to raise the rent, at least from the perspective of the people who write you a rent check every month. When landlords write a letter explaining the reasons behind a rent increase, being specific is vastly preferable to being vague. For instance, telling people you’re adding outdoor swimming pools to the apartment complex gives them something to look forward to when summer arrives. Similarly, an announcement that you’ll be installing carports before the start of winter is going to make a lot of renters happy as well. No one likes cleaning snow off their car in the morning before work.

One thing you can’t do is try to fool your tenants into believing that they should pay for something that they previously got for free. If you offered a free rental application to everyone last year, then you’re going to need a really persuasive explanation for suddenly charging would-be renters $50 just to fill out some forms online. Keep basic amenities like that free as long as possible, even if it means shuffling some other expenses around. People have a pretty good idea of which fees are reasonable and which fees are attempts at lining the landlord’s pocket.

Market Changes

If other property owners in the area are charging more for their apartments, then it makes sense that you would as well. Let’s say a person moved into a rental house five years ago when the neighborhood was neither great nor terrible. But since then, an organic grocery store has opened up down the street, and a couple of breweries are also moving in. The neighborhood is on the come-up, which means property is worth more now. In some cases, gentrification can reach the point where longtime residents literally can’t afford to stay in their old homes. They must leave and make room for richer people who can afford to pay the increased market rates.

As a landlord, you have to strike a balance. You can talk up the improvements being made in the neighborhood while still assuring your residents you want the price changes to be moderate rather than drastic.This lets them know that you’re on their side, which is important, and it also makes it less likely that your city or state will try to enact some form of rent control.

Financial Troubles

This is probably the least convincing reason to raise your rent. From a tenant’s point of view, everyone has to deal with financial issues occasionally, so why should they pay for a problem of someone else’s making? They have a point, but emergencies still crop up from time to time. As a landlord, your tax bill could increase suddenly in a way that leaves you with little choice but to implement a rent hike.

But if a landlord has to continually raise the rent just to make up for bad choices they’ve made, then that’s a sign that they should get out of the renting game. Landlording isn’t easy, but there’s no rule that says you absolutely must own rental property. If it’s becoming too much and you can’t obtain any sort of stability, then feel free to exit the game gracefully and give someone else a chance.

Create A Fun Moments With Family

Create A Fun Moments With Family

Family is a group of people that we care about in this world. In the family is one of our environment to study adapting the mutual love, respect and love one another. Sometimes because of the flurry of singly from family members make their fellow family members rarely meet. Even rarer to have time together.

Because of the flurry of each of you feel the need to have time alone to a cherished family along with you. For example on holiday you like to gather joking laughter with your family. Then how to capitalize on the moment together with the family so as not to miss it? Check out some of the following to create a moment hanging out with your family more fun.

Watch a movie or event a family favorite

If you can gather with your family on a holiday plan things that you will do together is like watching the movie or event you fovorit with the family. Watch the movie together can go to the cinema to watch the movie favorites or if not you can see or watch it together at home. If it is too lazy to go outside the House on holidays you can watch movies in the home. While watching a favorite movie do not forget to prepare some snacks snacks and drinks sariwangi teabag to create a more pleasant condition and situation.

Traveling togehter

Go for a walk is also one of the best options for spending time with family. After working on a stack of work that there is you and your family may need some refreshing so as not to overly setres think an existing job. The trip is done could be just goes outing to the nearby attractions, out of town or even out of the country is up to with your choice and family. Plan in advance your goals and desires as well as your family so that by the time the holiday together not too confused to think of where to go.

Eating together

The next option is to eat together. Packed along with family could also be an option to spend time together with the family. Maybe this way is very easy and most easy to be done together. You and your family can plan a dinner together at a place like going to a restaurant or go to the Park used to chill and hang out with people who lose. Only then can you merencankan eating with family at home. You can cook and prepare your own dishes or if you do not want to bother too feel you can just order food from other places will then be delivered to the House. By having a meal together at home you could just invite your relatives to gather together so that the moment of togetherness with your family you care about is more fun.

That is  some way to create a moment together with your family more fun. With some of the above ways you can make your holidays with your family you care about not boring.

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